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6 Home Improvements to Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is simply the aim of decreasing the quantity of energy used in running your home.   There are plenty of things you can do to improve energy efficiency from big renovations to small things like replacing light bulbs.  Energy efficiency has a couple of advantages including:

  1. Saving money you can cheerfully spend elsewhere
  2. It improves the economy since you can spend money on more than just your electric bill
  3. It reduces the actual demand for energy in the country hence it can help prevent another energy crisis.
  4. It improves our health too by protecting the environment.

Here are 6 home improvements to improve energy efficiency you can implement right now.


These usually operate by use of electricity and they circulate fresh air in a room. The ceiling fans keep your home comfortable by regulating the temperature and cooling off the room in summer or blowing hot air down in winter.  While they do use electricity it is cheaper than turning on either your heat or air conditioning.


This ensures warmth in the house during the winter and it prevents the effects of heating and cooling in the house during the warm seasons. You can insulate your houses either externally or internally. As long as there is maximum ventilation, both types of insulation ensure warmth in the house and also prevent molds from growing in the house.


To ensure energy saving, we should install the most efficient lighting systems especially  fluorescent light bulbs. There are different light bulbs in the markets recently with varying features including brightness and colors. Low energy light fixtures are advisable in order to ensure less energy usage.  Here is how the right bulbs can reduce your energy costs.


Water heaters especially the tankless kind, can dramatically reduce your energy charges.  They heat water as you need it rather than constantly keeping water hot.


Thermostats especially the programmable ones, can help you make sure you’re not paying to heat your home when there is no one in it. You can set them to turn on a few minutes before you return home so when you arrive your home is the ideal temperature.   You aren’t paying to heat or cool your house needlessly, this alone can save you hundreds per year on energy costs.


A dishwasher normally uses hot water at given temperatures. Cleaning, upgrading and repairing our dishwashers can improve energy efficiency because of the reduced amount of water that is to be used.  Dishwashers aren’t just convenient, you will still need to run them sparingly and make sure they are full before turning them on.

These are just but a few home remedies for energy efficiency. Others include; use of renewable energy sources, upgrading heating fixtures, sealing entrances and windows, bathroom and kitchen upgrades. The most immediate benefit of having an energy efficient home is that it saves you money, but the impact to the environment is a good thing too.

Before You Hire a Contractor Read This!

If you are planning a home improvement project that involves hiring contractors, you need to know the most important factors that are likely to determine what you get. Most homeowners only think about the prices and end up increasing the risk of project failure. In fact, it can lead to an increase in costs down the road. Before you hire a contractor read this.

Know their credentials

Certifications that are associated with national trade organizations are an indication that the contractor belongs to organizations that that bind them to certain working standards. Before getting certification, contractors are required to pass sets of tests and prove their skills. Therefore, you can expect them to have better ethics, and to adhere to the best quality practices. This also means that before hiring contractors, you need to find out if they are licensed and insured. It will help you to solve disputes easily no matter what happens during the project.

Get a written contract

This is where most homeowners get it wrong. They are always ready to commence a project without a written contract. However, as you will find out, this could be the beginning of your worst problems when remodeling a house. A written document includes a lot of details such as payment arrangements, the license number of the contractor, names of all involved parties, and an agreement on how to handle all the additional costs. You should be cautious if they do not want to give you a written agreement that shows the job completion time-line because it may be an indication that they have many other projects they are working on, and they will hardly have time to work on your home.

Understand all home improvement requirements

Before calling that remodeling contractor, familiarize yourself with all the requirements. You need to know all the necessary permits, and who will be applying for them. In addition to that, you should know about unique situations in your home that are likely to change the cost of your project. For example, if the contractor finds out too late that your wiring is too outdated, or there are other concealed budget busters, they will demand a renegotiation of the contract.

To get the best home remodeling services, you need to hire an experienced, reputable, and reliable contractor. Find a company that understand the most sophisticated aspects of a home remodeling project, because it is the only way you can be sure of the best results.